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Powerful, Friendly and Compact Ultrasound System

Powerful, Friendly and Compact Ultrasound System

The ProSound Alpha 7 is a diagnostic ultrasound system that contradicts the thought that high-performance systems are large. It inherits the proven technologies and functions of Hitachi Aloka’s high-end product, yet offers outstanding mobility thanks to being one of the smallest size in its class. The system is easily transported to deliver high performance throughout the hospital.

The Broadband Harmonics realizes high sensitivity that is comparable to fundamental imaging even with Harmonic Echo imaging. Directional eFLOW features enhanced spatial resolution for greater detail of blood flow information. The 3D Automated Volume Measurement (AVM) requires no manual tracing for accurate 3D volume calculation. Contrast Harmonic Echo (CHE) is compatible with all high-, medium- and low-sound pressure contrast agents. With these versatile functions, the ProSound Alpha 7 is the ideal choice for expert analyses in a wide range of applications.

Significant effort was exerted to create a system that would alleviate user fatigue and increase patient throughput by applying universal design. The use of ecologically friendly materials, low power consumption and low noise design makes the unit environment friendly.

By packing Broadband Harmonics™, high-quality imaging with high-performance HST+ probes, analysis functions, and Real-time 3D/4D into a very small console, the ProSound Alpha 7 enables examinations that rival those of premium systems.

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Clinical Images

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Hitachi Aloka’s extensive collection of probes gives you a wide variety of imaging capabilities to meet all your imaging needs and the ProSound Alpha 7, following the design concept of the higher-end models, provides images of excellent contrast and spatial resolution, making the diagnosis easier.


Broadband Harmonics™
Harmonic imaging by Broadband Harmonics™ technology delivers sensitivity and resolution comparable to those of fundamental imaging. In addition to reducing side lobes and multiple echoes, more detailed image information and much higher penetration in deeper areas are achieved.

Directional eFLOW™ (D-eFLOW)
Compared with conventional blood flow display methods, D-eFLOW™ features enhanced spatial and time resolutions for greater detail. The A7 detects all flows (in narrow vessels with very low velocity flows) as well as high velocity flows (in adjacent large vessels) and automatically displays them without neither overlapping tissue images/flows nor user’s PRF adjustments. Moreover, by assigning separate colors to flows moving toward and away from the transducer, it is also possible to separately display opposite flows traveling in parallel.

Image Optimizer
The image optimizer instantly optimizes the brightness, the horizontal gain and lateral gain of the entire B-mode image. The user is freed from frequent image adjustments during examination, resulting in enhanced examination efficiency.

Adaptive Image Processing (AIP):
A revolutionary feature for speckle noise reduction

AIP clearly displays differences in tissues, reducing speckle noise while maintaining the frame rate. Simultaneously, it displays outlines more clearly by selectively emphasizing boundaries.

Advanced 3D/4D Functions

  • Multi-planar Reconstruction (MPR)
  • 3D Automated Volume Measurement (AVM)
  • Multi Slice Imaging (MSI)
  • Flow 3D

User-friendly Universal Design

  • The control panel swivels and is height adjustable
  • High-resolution flat panel LCD monitor with vertical adjustments on flexible arm
  • User-customizable panel switches
  • Multi-function controls

Environmentally friendly

About 40% less power consumption than a conventional model.

The lightest and most compact in its class allowing for excellent portability.


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