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Transit Time of Vessel Flow (TVF)

Transit Time of Vessel Flow (TVF)

What is TVF?

TVF is a new vascular function that simplifies the assessment of the peripheral vascular tree. More specific TVF provide a specific support for assessment of Below-Knee stenosis. TVF allow an easy-guided procedure, to clearly identify if and where stenosis creates peak flow delay.

How does TVF work?

The heartbeat provides the reference signal (ECG) as well as the pumped blood flow into the arteries. Taking the reference of the R peak, a measurement between the three key points of the two lower limbs is completed. A simple time comparison between the limbs will highlight the presence of arterial stenosis and which arterial tract is affected.

Full exam is acquired and measured as follow:

A full report provides clear overview about the two limbs with specific Doppler peak and R-peak timing for the entire arterials tracts.

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