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The ProSound F75 is the latest addition to the Aloka ProSound high-end color series. The ProSound F75 is a multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound system which provides unprecedented performance in a variety of clinical applications and is comfortable and easy to use.

The ProSound F75 system has been designed with the new Hitachi Aloka "FIT" ethos (Facilitate workflow; Investment return; True diagnostic) at its heart and each system can be tailored to the needs of any clinician. The ProSound F75 reduces burden on the examiners and patients, assures and maintains versatility at a high dimension, reduces patient dependency by increasing the level of diagnostic ability, and improves productivity of routine examinations by accuracy and efficiency.

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Clinical Images

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The ProSound F75 supports various scan methods and a diversified lineup of speciality probes gives you a wide variety of imaging capabilities to meet all your imaging needs.

The new high-efficiency SmartProbes are very lightweight and designed to be high in energy conversion to transmit high-quality ultrasound beams without raising the temperature on the probe surface.


F: Facilitate workflow
Making routine examinations more comfortable
The ProSound F75 acknowledges the needs of performing examinations in a natural posture without stress or discomfort. The monitor and operation panel have a wide range of movement, which enables reduction of the operator's muscle load up to 20%. Another factor is automation of operation, to make examinations flow smoother. The ProSound F75 allows simple operation so the operator can concentrate on the examination in comfort.
  • NaturalErgonomics
    * Widely height adjustable console panel
    * Freely placeable viewing monitor
    * High Definition (HD) Wide IPS-pro viewing monitor
    * Large IPS-pro touch panel with intuitive 8 rotary encoder
  • Routine exam assistance
    * Quick Setter
    * Image Optimizer

I: Investment return
Investment return for the hospital management and society
The ProSound F75 covers numerous applications in one console, with its wide variety of probes, measurement/report package, and many other factors. Affordable cost of ownership is guaranteed due to the reliable system design and easy-to-upgrade software. With simple and intuitive operation, new users can easily learn to operate the system.
  • High degree of versatility
    * Variety of transducers include TEE, TV, TR
    * Networking, measurement and report package
    * Compact console fits any clinical setting
  • Reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)
    * Acquisition - short learning time for sonographer to operate the system, compatibility of transducers
    * Operation - reliability/low running cost
    * Long term - Software backend, low future upgrade cost
  • EcoEcho - Environmental performance
    * RoHS - EU directive
    * WEEE - EU directive
    * Material efficiency / recycle care

T: True diagnostics
Reduce the patient dependency
By combining all of our cutting-edge technologies, the ProSound F75 performs high spatial resolution. The combination of the CPWG+ (compound pulse wave generator, the new front-end processor) and Full Aperture Apodization (uses all transducer elements of a probe) perfects focus throughout the entire image. This technology will enhance the efficiency of examinations, and will benefit both patients and examiners.
  • CPWG+ Frontend
    * FAA: Full Aperture Apodization
    * TAT: Tissue Adaptive Technology
    * CTT: Clear Transmission Technology
  • SmartProbe
  • Broadband Harmonics (BbH)
  • Spatial Compound Imaging+ (SCI+)
  • AIP: Adaptive Imaging Processing
  • Edge Optimizer
  • eFLOW+
  • Trapezoidal Scan
  • EFV: Extended Field of View
  • Real-time 3D (4D)
  • Contrast Echo (CE)

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