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Efficient and flexible

Efficient and flexible

The ProSound Alpha 6, is multi-purpose and provides high performance. Moreover, the system is upgradable and easy-to-use.

The ProSound Alpha 6 incorporates the benefits of the high end ProSound Alpha series and building on the ProSound technology strengths, it offers superior performance in one compact, easy-to-use, economic and environmental system. The ProSound Alpha 6 addresses a variety of diagnostic applications in one system, a marked difference to other ultrasound systems. The system supports a wide range of application-specific probes and software, designed to target specialist diagnostic areas in General Imaging, Cardiovascular, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Internal Medicine. The ProSound Alpha 6 high power processor allows a number of different imaging modes previously seen only in high end systems, without compromise on image quality and colour Doppler sensitivity.

The compact, ergonomic design of the ProSound Alpha 6 features a large, programmable touch screen panel for quick access to frequently used controls. A height adjustable operation panel and swivel LCD monitor provides ease of use to the examiner. Its small footprint and light weight offers a high level of mobility. With reduced power consumption, the ProSound Alpha 6 is also designed to be economically and environmentally friendly.

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Clinical Images

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The extensive collection of probes gives you a wide variety of imaging capabilities and the ProSound Alpha 6, following the design concept of the higher-end models, provides images of excellent contrast and spatial resolution, making the diagnosis easier.




Broadband Harmonics™
Harmonic imaging by Broadband Harmonics™ technology delivers sensitivity and resolution comparable to those of fundamental imaging. In addition to reducing side lobes and multiple echoes, more detailed image information and much higher penetration in deeper areas are achieved.

Directional eFLOW™ (D-eFLOW)
Compared with conventional blood flow display methods, D-eFLOW™ features enhanced spatial and time resolution for greater detail. It is possible to display even narrow and slow flows in fingers and also fast flows in thick vessels like arteries without overlapping tissue images in high sensitivity. By assigning separate colors to flows moving toward and away from the transducer, it is possible to separately display narrow flows travelling in parallel.

Image Optimizer

Optimizes the brightness of the entire B-mode image. The user is freed from frequent image adjustments during examination, resulting in enhanced examination efficiency.

Adaptive Image Processing (AIP) for speckle noise reduction

AIP clearly displays differences in tissues, reducing speckle noise while maintaining the frame rate. It can also display outlines more clearly by selectively emphasizing boundaries.

Advanced 3D/4D Functions
* Multi-planar Reconstruction (MPR)
* 3D Automated Volume Measurement (AVM)
* Multi Slice Imaging (MSI)
* Flow 3D
* Freehand 3D

Supports preventive medicine
eTRACKING™ assists the evaluation of early atherosclerosis as preventive medicine. Advanced functions including 3D Automated Volume Measurement and comprehensive cardiovascular analysis are available.

* User friendly ergonomic design
* Height adjustable operation panel and swivel LCD monitor
* Patient friendly short examination time
* Environment friendly: low power consumption and ecology-conscious materials


* Lightweight system
* Small footprint
* High mobility

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