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Multi-Purpose Ultrasound for Daily Patient Care

Hitachi Aloka designs and manufactures diagnostic ultrasound systems that can be used in virtually any clinical environment.

Our highest objective is customer satisfaction based on excellent product quality, performance and reliability for a wide field of ultrasound users in all application areas. Hitachi Aloka is committed to continuously developing and offering best-in-class solutions at the forefront of diagnostic and quantitative ultrasound imaging.

A full range of products and solutions is available to be used in any clinical setting, from the private practitioner’s office and small hospital departments to the largest medical university and research institutes. Beside the complete portfolio for obstetric/gynaecology, general imaging, abdominal, surgical and vascular applications, Hitachi Aloka offers dedicated solutions for all specific requirements of the cardiology and cardiovascular users, covering the full spectrum from neonatal and paediatric to adult patient populations.

We provide customized systems and transducers for all the clinical environments and medical applications. No matter what your medical specialty, we have systems and software designed especially for your unique environment.

What our customers say

Cardiovascular : e-Tracking
Until today it has not been possible to evaluate stiffness parameters by means of vascular machines, which required specific competence and organization. eTRACKING, developed by Aloka, overcomes these limitations because the soft-ware is implemented into the normal echo-equipment and the parameters are obtained by a normal vascular transducer with a frequency of 10 Mhz. The technique is not time-consuming and the parameters can be obtained in a routine examination of the neck vessels.

Prof. S. Carerj, Cardiology department University of Messina, Italy

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