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Company Overview and History

Aloka Co., Ltd., Japan, became a 100% subsidiary of Hitachi Medical Corporation, Japan, on 3 March 2011, followed by a corporate name change to Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd., on 1 April 2011. With this step, Hitachi Medical Corporation and Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd., announced the integration of their strengths in ultrasound, making them one of the largest ultrasound companies in the world.

As a result, Aloka Holding Europe AG, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Hitachi Aloka Medical, is legally integrated into Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Hitachi Medical Corporation, on 1 December 2011. The two entities will combine their broad experience and knowledge, synergizing the expertise and talents on both sides to offer their customers an even more attractive range of medical ultrasound solutions. Aloka has an exceptional history as an innovator in ultrasound and is renowned for high-quality ultrasound systems and support. Combining both product lines will allow them to broaden the participation and penetration of this large and diverse market.

Hitachi Aloka, the innovator in ultrasound, is the longest operating ultrasound company in the world with its international headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. The history of ALOKA began in 1950 when the medical equipment department of Japan Radio Company became the independent company, Medical and Physical Institute Co., Ltd. In 1960, the world’s first commercially available diagnostic ultrasound system was developed and in 1976, the company name changed to ALOKA, which, in ancient Sanskrit, means “Ray of Hope.” In 1999, ALOKA Holding Europe AG was established by the acquisition of major shares of Ecotron Holding AG, former exclusive distributor of ALOKA in Europe, by the mother company in Japan.

ALOKA Holding Europe until December 1, 2011 covered the whole European Market for ALOKA having direct subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France and Germany and distributors for the remaining part of Europe.

What our customers say

Cardiology : e-Tracking
Put simply, the Hitachi Aloka ProSound product works intuitively, which means all our echocardiographic and vascular studies can be conducted more quickly than in the past. For example, despite the complex parameters required, ventricular asynchrony and the arterial stiffness can be analyzed quickly and with minimal calibration to the machine itself.

Hitachi Aloka also pioneered Vector Flow Mapping, which is without any doubt one of the most exciting breakthroughs of recent years – providing greater detail, it allows me to view both blood velocity and vortex, without the need for an invasive contrast medium

Prof. Dr. M. A. García Fernández. Labotarorio de Ecocardiografia de Madrid, University Hospital Madrid, Spain


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